Just Wondering

Can you still call yourself a good mom if the first thing that flies off your tongue is, “BECAUSE I SAID SO,” when your child persistently whines, “Whhyyy, Mom?”

Can you still call yourself a good friend when it takes a month or two longer than it should to mail your dearest friend a birthday card, or worse, when your once-elaborate birthday gestures have been reduced to texts, emails and Facebook messages?

Can you still call yourself an athlete when dragging yourself to the gym once a week is cause for dialing up the Hallelujah Choir?

Can you call yourself one hot, hip mama when you realize the last time you went shopping for something other than a new pair of shorts or flip-flops was two years ago? Or that your collection of tanktops and sweatpants now outnumbers your collection of sexy dresses and va-va-voom blouses.

Can you still call yourself a writer when everything that floats from your mind to your keyboard reads like a giant pile of dog doo? And even after re-writing the same sentence fifty-seven different ways you are know you are in the running for the Grand Prize of the Crap Awards?

Can you still call yourself a domestic goddess when you’re happy that your new puppy has gone exploring under the bed or behind the couch because he makes a really great dust mop? Or when you feel the overwhelming need to do a happy dance because you’ve remembered to put the clothes in the dryer before they sit in the washer too long and you have to re-wash them?

If you answered “ABSO-FRICKIN-LUTELY” to all of the above then you and I must be dear friends. We see eye to eye and dustball to dustball, and we know that life is about bursts of brilliance and moments of jaw-dropping mediocrity. We know that every once in a while we need to take our glasses off so we don’t look too closely at all our faults and imperfections. That way we can celebrate what’s good and quirky and funny about ourselves. And we can laugh—because as we know, laughter is often what sparks those moments of brilliance once again.


Yep, I’m starting to feel more brilliant already! How about you?