Positively Counteracting the Ninnies in Washington

This morning I was so filled with disgust about the toddlers running our government that I was ready to write a rant like no other. But then I stopped before I even got started, deciding that my writing tantrum would be akin to their childish behavior. And there’s nothing more absurd than grown, thinking people carrying on like two-year olds when they don’t get their way.

I also decided that I didn’t want to waste another ounce of my precious energy on all this negativity. So off went CNN. Away went every browser blasting headlines about the shutdown. And up went my blog.

Hello awesome peeps!

I decided the best way to counteract these ninnies in Washington is to surround myself with positive, creative, motivated people like YOU.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m mad as hell like everybody else, and feel our elected officials are an embarrassment to our nation right now, but I can see beyond these self-absorbed nitwits to our extraordinary country, which is brimming with smart, caring, talented and creative people.

So what do you think? Instead of giving our so-called “leaders” any more of our attention as they puff and spout and lay on the floor kicking their arms and legs, what do you say we tune them out and DWELL IN POSITIVITY? As in…

  • Positively sit down and create something exquisite today.
  • Positively do something nice for somebody–because no matter what else goes on in the world, you can always be nice.
  • Positively make a small difference in the life of somebody important to you.
  • Positively champion an attitude than can make things happen for the better.
  • Positively support those who chose to lead by optimism and fearlessness.
  • Positively take steps to be the person you want to be, regardless of anything else going on around you.
So take that Washington! We aren’t going to take your negativity anymore. Maybe when you see your audience no longer cares about your dysfunctional theatrics, you’ll get tired and bored with yourselves and start figuring out ways to make POSITIVE things happen again.

20 thoughts on “Positively Counteracting the Ninnies in Washington

  1. Becky, the only way those ninnies will ever change is if their communities stop voting for them. But somehow, I don’t see that happening. It is very, very frustrating, but hiding our heads like ostriches may not be the solution. Yet, it does make for a more stress-free life.

    • I agree, Monica. I don’t want to hide my head in the sand, but the way these nitwits are carrying on, I don’t want to give them an audience. For now, I’ll stay informed, but I won’t let all this insanity get me too riled up.

  2. Anger on top of anger just makes the world an angier place. My act of defiance in the face of this childishness is to not watch the news, but to walk outside and breathe in the amazingness that is autumn color right now.

    • Chris, you couldn’t have said it any better: “Anger on top of anger just makes the world an angrier place.” So glad you are surrounding yourself with gorgeous mountains ablaze in autumn colors. That always puts everything into perspective!

  3. Yesterday I just wanted to pummel them . . . at the same time, like you, I saw a glimpse of what I could feel like if, without denying the anger and frustration, I could make more internal space for the giving, POSITIVE part that exists in me as well. All of which is to say, I’m riding your wave today. :-)

    • What you throw out to the universe is always positive so I’m especially happy to share a wave with you. Surf’s up, baby!

  4. You said it, Becky. I’m done with the listening to the inane rhetoric that’s been spewing forth from our friends in Washington. I will take your advice and be positive and try to do as many positive things as possible. You speak the simple truth, my friend.

    • Since common sense seems to have disappeared, I think bringing it all back to “simple” is one way that might help us keep our sanity.

    • Nice to hear from you, Tom! All IS well when I focus on all the positive, cool people in my life.

      Speaking of which, will I see you at Cork’s memorial on Monday? He was definitely one of the “good ones.” We have a lot to celebrate for having had his positive influence in our lives.

  5. I simply HUGGED Fletcher ..
    When saying good-bye at school I said “Do something nice for someone today”
    I practiced too …with extra smiles and HUGS.

    We are celebrating a fun dinner making ‘ MAC n CHEESE cupcakes’

    Keeping it simple…

    • That’s awesome, Jacquie! And mac-n-cheese cupcakes…wow, that’s a first. That’s like “double-positive” comfort food! :-)

  6. Rock on, girlfriend! I haven’t been following the news at all. It’s all just mental midgets measuring penis size. I’m focusing instead on the beauty that surrounds and nourishes me, and the fabulous, talented friends I have in my life like you.


    • Ha ha, you totally crack me up, Jayne! Good for you for focusing on things that nourish you. Just think if everybody did a little more of that. Somehow I think we’d be less fixated on tearing our nation apart. BTW I’m heading to your most recent post later this evening. Right now I’m scrambling to get a piece written for one of my favorite clients — yes, I’m lucky to be surrounded by great people on so many levels–but I can’t wait to see what you are up to!

  7. Hi Becky,
    You are right on with thinking positive and ignoring what we can’t control. No more sucking my good energy, I’m going to go write a poem.
    Love you,

    • I’m glad you agree. I’m sick of the dark cloud hovering over our country. Positive thinking and positive actions move mountains. If nothing else, they help create new lovely poems! xo

  8. Good for you. Positivity is what we need. I too have turned off the tv and internet news. I am positively learning Scrivener so I can use it for my next writing project. A little self-serving, maybe, but it won’t be if the book’s good enough.

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