For the Love of Art, Help Us Decide!

You may have noticed my blog has been quiet lately. It’s not because I’ve been sipping Mai Tais on a tropical beach, reveling in a lack of Wi-Fi (although I must admit, that sounds divine). It’s because I’ve been working hard getting ready to launch an exciting new website in which we’ll be selling small, affordable fine art photography prints of Jeffrey Aaronson’s work.

Our goal is to share some of Jeffrey’s (aka-hubby’s) favorite moments created over the years while traveling around the world on assignments for many of the world’s greatest magazines. By offering these images on a small scale, first-time collectors as well as those without cavernous pockets or massive wall space, will have an opportunity to enjoy a little beauty in their lives without breaking the bank. We hope this approach not only makes acquiring art easy and fun, but also non-intimidating.

But here’s our problem: Jeffrey and I can’t decide which image we should use to launch the site. That’s where you come in, my fabulous readers! I’ve gotten to know many of you over this past year and a half of blogging and appreciate your thoughtful opinions. Take a peek at the three images below and tell us which photograph you think people would be most interested in owning as a small print (we’re talking 8×10 for about $50).

A) Monks walking past a Richard Gere billboard in Bangkok, Thailand.

Photo of monks in front of a Richard Gere American Gigolo Poster in Bangkok

B) A farmer tending his rice paddies in Sichuan, China.

Rice paddies in Sichuan, China

C) Giant champagne bottle in Champagne, France.

Photo of a giant champagne bottle being carried in Champagne, FranceLeave your vote in the comment box, and hopefully in the next week or so you will see which image ends up kicking off the launch of our new endeavor. And of course, many details will follow…including the name of our site!

Thanks for sharing your two cents with us! Your opinion means a lot.

54 thoughts on “For the Love of Art, Help Us Decide!

  1. It’s really tough Becky!! But for me it’s A. This picture not only filled with colors. But also its signifies cultures of a group of people.
    Best wishes to you and Jeffrey for your future projects.

  2. While the second one is gorgeous, all that green and the scope of it, I found the first one with its juxtaposition of cultures and the rich vibrant color so much more compelling. It’s dynamic, it has movement and a certain universality. Yup, that would be the one.

  3. B. I find graphically compelling, the color soothing, and the scale surprising once you focus in on the farmer. Though A. feels more worldly in it’s juxtaposition of cultural icons, I find the color a bit too hot. C. is amusing and a commercial enough subject for mass sale but it’s not quite there, I believe the billboard is detracting from it’s appeal.

    • Lynne, thanks for your sharing your two cents (actually four cents). I appreciate you taking the time to cast your vote!

  4. I love green, so I must choose the rice paddy photo! It is a work of art in of itself. I’m so thrilled for you and Jeffrey and your new adventure (venture?) into selling his wonderful pieces of artwork. It ties in nicely with the book, too!

  5. My vote goes to the ‘Champagne’ bottle — not because I like to drink the bubbly. I love the spirit of it and the way it captures the play of shadows — which I suppose is the reason I think it’s the one that best reflects Jeffrey’s sensibility/skills as a photographer.

    • I love how you analyze things and share your thoughts. I think we’ll have to raise a virtual glass when we finally launch this endeavor. Many thanks, Deborah!

  6. I’d pick Gere. It’s riveting and unusual. It’s contrast. It’s illusion. It’s art. Also love the colors.
    The landscape is fantastic, lush and different, as well. Particularly when you see the tiny farmer. What color! What pattern! What scale.

    • Wow, wow, wow! What a wonderful surprise to you see you here, Annie! Many thanks for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts.

  7. I like all three, but I find the first one to be the most compelling. As I look at it I notice the vibrant colors first, then the gigantic face, and finally the monks: “Oh..monks!” I think. “I wonder what they are thinking as they pass this American face?” I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition of the ascetic, private monks and the worldly and public Gere.

    The second shot is gorgeous, and would certainly add beauty and grace to any wall, but it is less unusual and perhaps less likely to make someone click to see more pieces. That said, the potential customer looking for this particular type of art (the rice paddies) would certainly be hooked and would peruse further.

    All considered (in my meandering way), the first shot, even if not the print the buyer ultimately purchases (though I would, and perhaps will) speaks loudly to Jeffery’s talent, eye, AND access to unusual shots and perspectives.

    I am excited about your new venture, as I often wish to be able to purchase great works at reasonable prices. It seems that most prints at the price you mention would be of much lower quality, and far less original. I think I’ll need to start a Jeffery jar so I can buy my favorites.

    Your daughter’s piece, however, is first on my list should it become available. :)

    • Thanks, Britton. Your comments mean a lot–especially knowing your talent and passion for the arts. You’ll be happy to know that my daughter’s art will be available too (big art by small artists). I’ll keep you posted…

  8. Wow. This is tough. The Monks looking at Richard Gere has a wonderful sense of whimsy about it that makes me smile. It is my kind of humor so I gravitate to that, but the photo of the rice paddies would probably have a broader appeal. The champagne bottle doesn’t move me either way. Good luck!

    • It is tough. That’s why I asked all of you smarties. :-) Thanks for your two cents, Jayne. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you think.

  9. I like the Champange photo, I enjoy the lets celebrate! The way the bottle is being carried and especially the shadows. I feel the moment like Im there I would be laughing with joy.

    Tada, jacquie

  10. Okay, Becky, forgive me but I’m going to be contrary. I buy art/photos whenever I’m on vacation or go to a crafts/arts fair. My walls are sagging from all the framed pictures they hold. Given this, I’m going to say there was a photo I once saw on your blog of a young woman who had the most dramatic eyes. She was from the Middle East perhaps and I remember the story you wrote, how it was really tricky for Jeffrey to take that photo without getting her in trouble. She was selling something in an open market, and he had to focus on her hands in order to justify the photo. Sound familiar? Well, that one. Another I loved is of a group of little girls wearing colorful, Mexican style dresses. Gosh, that was beautiful. Such photos tug at your emotions. That’s my two cents, which I hope you’ll consider.

    • I love having a rebel amongst us! The photograph you mentioned of the Moroccan woman will definitely be available at some point. It seemed to resonate with many people when I wrote that post. Thanks for reminding me.

      Speaking of resonating, anybody reading these comments who is a Baby Boomer (or close to it), might want to check out Monica’s latest blog post, “Boomer Anthem,”

    • Thank you, Anne. And thanks for sharing your upcoming book launch with me. I’m excited for you! I’ll email you about reviewing it.

  11. “B” (the rice paddy) is the best of the three. “best” in this case means – most timeless, aesthetically satisfying, and artful. It will stay on people’s walls indefinitely because of its composition, subject matter, and relative simplicity. The others are fine, possibly more provocative and colorful, but not as timelessly satisfying.

    • Timelessness is definitely something to think about with a photograph. Thanks for your two (or four) cents, Rodger. I appreciate it!

  12. Image A is the only one. If there is another frame with the front monk facing forward it would work better, but this is eye-catching. B, the rice paddies is below Jeffrey’s standard and could have been made by someone else. And C, the bottle, is cute but somehow not potent enough.
    In A you have stunning color and the stimulating interface of commerce and daily life; what is that poster doing on its side?

  13. I love B! How awesome is that image. The others are great, but this one could only have been taken by your Hubby. Incidentally, I want to own one of the first ones. I’ll put it up in my new den/study. I would be looking for something with ocean and beach, but with a special twist. Hopefully, you have something like that. All joy. HF

    • The thought of you owning one of Jeffrey’s images for your den makes me smile big. I’ll have to do some fun curating with HF in mind! Thanks for dropping by to cast your vote.

  14. Becky – what a terrific idea. Love all three, but I would go with #1. the colors are so vibrant and joyful and the subject makes you stop and to really look at it. And it is a lovely blending of east and west. in my humble opinion, elizabeth

  15. How exciting, Becky! I’d have to say B) the rice paddies, too. A) would be intriguing, but I honestly didn’t recognize that as Richard Gere. Can’t wait to see the site!

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