Name That Photographer

Name That Photographer GraphicSee if you can NAME THAT PHOTOGRAPHER from the following five clues:

1) She was an American photographer born in 1904.

2) She was the first female war correspondent and the first female permitted to work in combat zones.

3) She created this iconic image of Gandhi at his spinning wheel.

Photo of Gandhi at his spinning wheel

4) She was the first Western photographer allowed to take pictures of Soviet industry.

5) She battled Parkinson’s disease for 18 years and died of it at age 67.

Leave your answer in the comment box and find out tomorrow if you are correct!

3 thoughts on “Name That Photographer

  1. M B. W. As I’m the first I won’t give it away.
    When she took that marvelous photo of him, Ghandi insisted she first learn to spin before he’d allow he to take the photo.

    I didn’t know she’d had Parkinson’s Disease.

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