Photo Caption Contest

Photo for caption contest

This picture deserves a caption. Send me your best by Sunday, February 19th.

Simply leave your caption in the comment box below. The winner will be crowned with the title “Most Creative” on Monday, February 20th, and will be emailed a $10 Amazon gift card. Okay, so it’s not exactly big bucks, but hey, it’s all about the fun anyway!

22 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest

  1. #1 “Ruth, I know the sculpture is supposed to make sense if you look upside down at it, but I still don’t get it!”

    #2 “George, I told you doing this would stop the hiccups!”

  2. Breastworks

    We probably should have thought about how we were going to get up before we got down.

    I think these bike helmets are too heavy.

    My flip-flops match your shirt.

    I’ll let go of your hand when you get off my toe.

    Your right the Pisa Tower is now straight!

  3. Exhausted from their Washington, D.C. walking tour, the Johnsons collapse onto a bench to rest. Realizing in horror that the black bench is freshly painted, they simply lay down, clasp hands, and hope to suddenly die of simultaneous brain aneurysms rather than suffer the inevitable embarrassment.

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