Happy 95th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

Photo of Nelson MandelaThere are no candles bright enough to match the light you have added to our world.

Thank you for dedicating your life to others and transforming muddy caverns of darkness into bright fountains of hope and understanding.

Thank you for demonstrating that anything is possible when one has enough courage and perseverance.

Thank you for proving that humanity will always do the right thing—eventually—if reminded that there is room for everyone in this world.

Thank you for exemplifying compassion, courage, integrity and fortitude, and demonstrating that one person can make a difference.

Most of all, thank you for showing us that there is always hope.

Photo of Nelson Mandela for President South Africa 1994

On Mandela Day, the day we celebrate you, it is a privilege to give back to my community in your honor.

I encourage others to take part in this celebration too, by doing 67 minutes of community service for the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent fighting for the rights of humanity.

If you need a few ideas on ways to make a difference, click here to see 67 ideas.

Nelson Mandela Day Poster

 Happy Birthday, Madiba! We salute you.

10 thoughts on “Happy 95th Birthday Nelson Mandela!

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  2. Becky — what a great idea! It’s always important to me to find time for community service, and I’ll have to check out your link for some fresh ideas. One reason I enjoy your blog so much is that you consistently remember to be thankful and appreciate life. :)

    • Thanks, Monica. Yes, I think we’re all holding our breath and sending extra good thoughts for his recovery. Such an inspiring human being!

    • Thanks, Arindam. I know I have been missing in action on my blog. It feels good to write again (even if it is just a little bit). I’m hoping to get back to it on a regular basis. I miss it and all my blog peeps (like you)!

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