Favorite Five Friday: Reasons to Celebrate the End of This Presidential Election

In the voting both, everybody is equal. That is why no matter how nutty our political process gets, I will always be grateful for the privilege of casting my ballot. Having said that, I will be one happy chiquita when this election is finally over! What about you?

Graphic of Favorite Five Friday Reasons to Celebrate the End of this Presidential Election

What’s on your mind this final Friday before voting? Nervous? Excited? Irritated? Drop me a comment. I’d love to hear your perspective on the process…and of course, your Favorite Five!

4 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Reasons to Celebrate the End of This Presidential Election

  1. 1. So
    2. ready
    3. for it all
    4. to be
    5. OVER

    *Tuesday will most certainly be interesting. We’re going old school, with a pot roast in the oven and the kids and dog all circled up around the television watching the results. It will be a memorable evening for all.

    Thanks for the wonderful way you put words together.

    • We’re planning an evening around the television too, crossing our fingers and toes that it’s an evening to celebrate. Should be interesting! Whichever way it falls, at least it will finally put an end to all this vitriolic BS. Time to move on to more positive things.

      Thanks for your nice comment, by the way!

  2. I’ll be glad the election is over–It’s been a long time coming!

    1. No more phone calls from survey takers or recordings.
    2. No more angry TV ads ripping people apart.
    3. No more flyers and brochures in the mail that cost too much money and too many trees to create.
    4. Our focus can be on more important things than political chatter.
    5. The time to make decisions will be here!

    • The massive pile of junk mail, I mean political ads, sends me over the edge too. Enough already! It’s such a waste.

      Only 4 more days!

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