Favorite Five Friday: Reasons I Love Books

Favorite Five Friday: Reasons I Love Books

Why do you love books? Drop me a comment and share your Favorite Five reasons. Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is filled with fun autumn antics and of course, a delicious book…and why not throw in a pumpkin latte to go with it!

14 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Reasons I Love Books

  1. 1. Books have provided me with countless hours of suspense, mystery, passion, comedy and chick lit fun.
    2. Books bring diverse people, who may not know each other, together. After all, everyone loves talking about a good book.
    3. Books open up new worlds, eras, and possibilities.
    4. Books inspire me to write!
    5. Books and the ability to read and learn are what set us apart from other living things.

    • These are great, Monica. I especially like the idea that books bring us together. I think that’s why there’s such a huge explosion in book groups…or is it the wine? :-) Thanks for stopping by to share you Favorite Five!

  2. Books allow me insight into experiences often very dissimilar to my own and, in doing so, open my mind and heart to others.
    Books give my insight into my own experiences and make me feel less alone in them.
    Books teach me to be a better writer and inspire me with ideas.
    Reading Nancy Drew as a youngster taught me that a girl could do anything.
    Books are non-fattening, unless sipping a pumpkin latte at the time. ;)

    • Love these, Jayne! Thanks for sharing your Favorite Five and reminding me about Nancy Drew! Those were my favorites too.

  3. Books allow me to enter another world; books teach me beyond any classroom; books entertain and enchant me; books allow me to revel in language; books make me excited about being a writer.

    • Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! I especially like “books teach me beyond any classroom.” Thanks for sharing your Favorite Five, Tina. It’s always great to see you here!

  4. 1. Book helps me to remain silence; as a person can’t talk while reading a book. :)
    2. Book takes me to the world the writer creates with his words and helps me meet few more new characters whom I’ve never met before.
    3. Book inspires me to write one of my own and helps me visualize my own book in someone else’s hand.
    4. Book supplies me the intelligence I require while talking about a specif topic in front of others.
    5. Book gives me a chance to appreciate the creativity and effort of the writer.

    • I’m so happy that your book is coming together for you!

      I like your #1 reason a lot–it’s one of the many reasons I love reading too. Slowing down and being wrapped in solitude is one of life’s immeasurable treats.

  5. 1. Reading books keeps me from thinking about the election.
    2. Reading books keeps me from tracking presidential polls.
    Now I’ll get serious (or not)
    3. Getting lost in the pages of a book brings me to a place of safety and untold pleasure.
    4. Books open me to the possibilities of language and the vast, complex, fascinating world beyond my immediate one.
    5. Reading books reminds me of why I became a writer.

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