Sentimental Journey in the American West

Today’s post shares a slice of humor and nostalgia. Jeffrey Aaronson photographed this series along a rural highway in northern Colorado for Life magazine, stirring memories of the Old West and the cowboy tradition.

Jeffrey Aaronson Lone Ranger Series 1 of 4Jeffrey Aaronson Lone Ranger Series 2 of 4Jeffrey Aaronson Lone Ranger Series 3 of 4Jeffrey Aaronson Lone Ranger Series 4 of 4
All photos ©Jeffrey Aaronson                         The Art of an Improbable Life 2012

PS: Sharing one of my favorite series of photographs seems like the perfect way to celebrate my 100th post today!

36 thoughts on “Sentimental Journey in the American West

    • Thanks, Nancy. Hope your summer is going well and you are enjoying lots of interesting adventures.

  1. Becky congrats on reaching such a milestone. I am on verge of it. So I can realize what does it mean to you. You are a wonderful writer, more than anything else you are a wonderful human being. Just be the way you are. I wish you will complete your 1000th posts soon.
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures with us. I hope you remember about that guest post by Jeffrey. I am still waiting for that one. :)

    • Arindam, you always have the kindest words to say. Thank you. I have not forgotten about asking Jeffrey to do a guest post. He is immersed in his current art project right now, which is taking serious focus, so we’ll have to be patient a while longer.

  2. Yes, perfect! Loved all of the photos but especially the sentiment. Sometimes I think the same thing. Congrats on the 100th, goes by fast doesn’t it?

    • Thanks, Megan. And I’m glad I found your blog too. I just subscribed. Well said about wide open spaces!

    • I think this series captures the spirit of the West perfectly with its nostalgia, ruggedness, and humor. Thanks for swinging by to leave your comment!

  3. Hey Becky,

    Still coming down from the writers conference. On my one way ticket to Rhode Island many years ago, my wife and I drove our van, plus a trailer full of crap, across America. We took the northern route that cut through S. Dakota, Yellowstone and all the empty space in between small towns. If you found ten thousand people it was a metropolis. A different life. Those pictures are from a different time, a time we were lucky enough to enjoy.


    • Brian, so glad you enjoyed the SB writers conference. I hope to go next year.

      I loved your story about your road trip though the U.S. There’s nothing like small towns and wide open spaces to give you perspective. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    • I lived in Wyoming for a long time (moved there from Chicago when I was 15) then I went to college in Providence, RI. I thought I wanted to leave Wyoming and all that nothingness. Turns out, nothingness is pretty darn powerful. Wyoming gets in your heart and you are never the same. Even though I don’t live in Wyoming anymore, I still long for it and experience phantom pain, as if my heart as been amputated, or at least that part that beat wild in the wind of Wyoming. It truly is like no place on earth. I played soccer at PC and my nickname was “Cheyenne Meg” on the soccer field. People at my college were amazed they had even met someone from Wyoming. They actually thought I rode a horse to school. I had a girl from Long Island believing it for half a semester.

      • Nothingness is extremely powerful. We lived in Colorado for two decades and while I love where we’re living now, it will always be part of our hearts.

        That is hilarious people at your college thought Cheyenne Meg rode her horse to school! I like your humor. Giddyup, my friend!

    • Thanks, Myriam. I appreciate your cheery support. I’m glad you got a kick out of the images. There’s nothing quite like the West!

    • Thanks, Rossandra. I’m happy to share the wide open spaces of Colorado and the humor of the Old West. I think we could all use a dose of this charming simplicity.

    • Thanks, Jessica. Somehow 100 just seemed to magically arrive. It has been a fun adventure connecting with so many wonderful and interesting people. Thanks for all your support all along the way!

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