Favorite Five Friday: Places

Thanks for making last Friday’s Favorite Five so much fun. Here’s this week’s topic:

Favorite Five Friday Places

Where are your favorite five places?┬áIt could be in far off lands, the chaise lounge in your backyard or simply somewhere in your imagination. Drop me a comment. I’d love to know what places inspire you most! Oh yeah, and please don’t strain your brain (it’s Friday, after all). Take five minutes or less and see what comes to mind first.

28 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Places

    • Your list is great, Tina! Makes me want to head your way. I haven’t been to Virginia, but I love Boston. In fact, Boston may top New York for me. Somehow I forgot about it when I was making my Favorite Five. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks for sharing your five.

  1. Having lived in Southern,Spain for seven Years (my last duty as an navy aviator)I loved the ferias, fiestas and the sherry’s.
    Then there is Florence, Italy the center of the renaissance, which I visited 7 times.
    The Santa Barbara Writers Conference and Barnaby Conrad.
    The two years I had with Jilian, before cancer took her away.
    Surviving off Aircraft Carriers and 850 landings, or “controlled crashes” for 20 years.

    • Wow, what a great surprise to find my mentor here! Anybody reading these comments will get a glimpse into why Cork Millner is such an interesting character. Thanks for dropping your five on us, Cork, and for sharing a bit of your colorful life! Florence is one my favorites too, having spent part of my honeymoon there.

      Those who might have missed my post about Cork, you can click on this link to see why I’m grateful to have met him several years ago: http://wp.me/p1I3pI-1f8

  2. Brisbane, Australia
    Tanzania and Kenya
    Aruba, Capri, Italy

    So many place and so little time….! The above postings really got the travel bug that lives within running rampant!!!

    • Olga, you have an interesting mix! It didn’t even cross my mind to think about a place on the web–now that’s thinking outside the box–even though it’s a box we all spend so much time in. Thanks for joining the conversation today. It’s always great seeing you here.

  3. Top 5:
    Central Park
    The wheat fields of central Kansas in June
    Tide pooling in Santa Barbara
    In a car road tripping with our little family of 4 (going anywhere)

    • I think you, me and Jennifer (see comment below) need to have a gathering in Central Park! You’d like her–she’s a hoot, just like you. Happy Friday, and thanks for sharing your Favorite Five! Will you be tide pooling this weekend or road tripping?

  4. Top 5 places:
    The Boat House- central park
    beach in Westport Harbor, Ma
    walking along the Seine in Paris
    my bed
    St. Patricks Cathedral

  5. Sarah: Stockholm, Provence, Flagstaff (AZ), Boston, Engadine region of Switzerland
    Richard: San Juan Islands (WA), Grand Teton NP, Sienna, Kyoto, Penobscot Bay (ME)
    Spencer: Bahamas, Quebec City, San Juan Islands, Greece, Chicago

  6. 1. Our families old cabin in southern Oregon
    2. Silver Creek Pass in the Holy Cross Wilderness, CO
    3. My backyard along the Crystal River, CO
    4. Alongside my dogs, Komet and Kozmo
    5. Vancouver, BC

    • Your response makes me feel warm and cozy and nostalgic. I’m picturing you sitting along the Crystal River with your two adorable dogs, having just returned from a backpacking trip in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  7. If, by favorite, you mean places that have left an indelible imprint, here we go:
    Machu Picchu, Peru
    The House of the Hermit Poet, Japan
    Flrenze ( and please don’t call me pretentious ;-) for using the Italian spelling of my favorite city in Europe; I love the sound of it, as much as the golden glow of the city, and the food and the art, duh)
    Big Sur

    • Aahhh Firenze. The more I get to know you, I chuckle at how many things we have in common. I love the sound of Italian (even tried to study it for a short while–in my spare time–ha ha). You would not want to hear how I butcher it though. :-)

      I think I need to know more about The House of the Hermit Poet in Japan. Sounds intriguing! And of course, I had a feeling Machu Picchu would top your list!

      Thanks for sharing your five this Friday! Have a great weekend.

  8. Well I’ve never left the country so it’s going to be 5 Favorite USA places
    1. Lake Tahoe, NV
    2. Pheonix, AZ
    3. Charlotte, NC
    4. Jersey Shore, NJ
    5. Senora, CA

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