Favorite Five Friday: Verbs

Each Friday I’m going to list a topic, My Favorite Five ____, and each Friday I hope you’ll join in the conversation by sharing your Favorite Five.

Here goes…

Favorite Friday Verbs

What are your favorite five verbs (at least this week)? If you’re like me, they probably change often. Don’t strain your brain too much. Just see what comes to mind in five minutes or less and drop them in the comment box. Your participation will be like a virtual high five for Favorite Five Friday, and it will inspire me to start thinking about next week’s topic.

23 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Verbs

  1. Pray, love, live, sing, eat…because these are my five favorite things I love to do, but I’m adding a sixth favorite verb. As an actress, I also love to act.

  2. Wow, so many great verbs! Thanks for taking part in Favorite Five Friday! It’s fun to see what inspires everyone–clearly a lot of creativity and motion. I’m already looking forward to next Friday!

  3. What fun! Here I go –
    Perseversate (because its meaning is exactly the way it sounds and is so different from)
    Persevere (will I ever stop?)
    Embrace :-)
    Dream (will I ever stop?)
    Sing ;-)

  4. I love how you come up with these ideas. My five favorite for Friday are- play, hike, laugh, wander, collaborate….I think I need to get up from computer and put into practice my favorites.

  5. Okay…so these came right off the top of my little brain:
    Happy Friday!!!!!

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