Steve & i: One Photographer’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs Now on Kindle

Steve and i book coverJeffrey and I are excited to announce the launch of our ebook, Steve & i: One Photographer’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs. 

It is now available for Kindle devices at and will be available for the NOOK, Sony Reader and iPad soon.

We hope you will be one of the first to download Steve & i, and if you feel inspired by what you read, please leave a review on Amazon.

Of course, we’d be thrilled (and eternally grateful) if you would tell others about it too.

Don’t have a Kindle? No problem. Amazon now has a free app you can download for both your Mac and PC. Here are the links: Kindle for Mac. Kindle for PC. If you have an Amazon account you can purchase the book and read it on your computer. You can also download a free Kindle app for your iPhone. Just go to the app store and batta boom, batta bang, you’re all set.

Our book is priced at $2.99 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to several leading cancer research institutes because…well, as you know, cancer sucks, and it took Steve Jobs’ life far too soon.

Book description: When photographer Jeffrey Aaronson received a call from Newsweek in 1984 to photograph Steve Jobs, he had no idea who Steve Jobs was or what impact Jobs was about to have on his life or the world.

Steve & i: One Photographer’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs tells the captivating story of a young photographer and a young entrepreneur, and the friendship they forge when they are both twenty-nine years old—just as Aaronson is beginning to offer the world a new view through his lens and Jobs is beginning his mission to change it by introducing the most user-friendly personal computer ever conceived.

This 38-page little powerhouse of a book is packed with personal anecdotes and rarely seen photographs, which not only chronicle the launch of the first Macintosh personal computer, but also capture the essence of Steve Jobs the man before he became the icon.

It’s a must read for those who want to experience and be inspired by a side of Steve Jobs that few people have glimpsed.

Early reviews of the book read…

“A critical moment of shared inspiration is captured in this short but sweet profile of an intimate friendship between two highly motivated young men, forged immediately in trust and professional integrity. A rare, honest glimpse into the ensuing creative sparks that fly in the early blossoming careers and bonding of two visionaries who decide to be inspired by others AND courageously follow their callings and dreams. Bravo!”
-Bill Black, Director of Photography, Reader’s Digest

This is not just a story about how friendships evolve from humble or chance beginnings.  Rather, it’s an object lesson about mutual respect, curiosity, and a passion for excellence as the ingredients that propel true visionaries. Bravo, Jeffrey Aaronson, for enlightening us with the quieter, gentler side of the genius Steve Jobs. ”
-Larry C. Price, Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist

“This is a sweet little book about a hugely talented and creative photographer’s relationship with a hugely talented and creative entrepreneur. With warmth, insight, and keen appreciation, Jeffrey brings back to life a man who for all his reputed prickliness and short temper was capable of simple, deep friendship.”
-Bob Morton, Former Editor-in-Chief of Abrams and the Aperture Foundation

“Photographers and Apple fans alike won’t want to miss this moving portrait of a private but profoundly influential man.”

-Russell Hart, Former Executive Editor American Photo

14 thoughts on “Steve & i: One Photographer’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs Now on Kindle

  1. Congratulations!! It sounds like a wonderful book, and it’s even more special because of the donations you and your husband are giving.

    I will surely be downloading it to my Nook when it’s available. And I’ll spread the word too. I can’t wait!

  2. Congratulations! A book dedicated to Steve Jobs, brilliant! I’m so proud of you because I know the love and dedication you’ve put into your work, and your commitment to a cure for cancer. Delighted to know I can read Steve & i on my PC, as I don’t have a notebook yet. Much success on your first book, Becky.

  3. Well . . . the summit of Mount Everest turned out to be closer than I thought for you ;-) How exciting! And how ironic that Kindle got it before the iPad. Then again, Amazon is, indeed, the happening place for reviews, etc. Take it from one who (kind of) knows. Hearty congrats to Jeffrey and you!

  4. A lovely tribute, capturing moments which showcase not only the purity of enthusiasm and drive which were at the source of Steve Jobs’ genius, but also a friendship. Bravo!

    • You are the best! Thanks for your support, and for helping spread the word. I think anybody who liked Walter Isaacson’s behemoth will enjoy our little tribute too. It gives me solace to donate to cancer research (you already know how I feel about that @$#% disease)! Hopefully it will add a few more drops to the bucket.

  5. Becky! Congratulations on the launch of your new book! I am so happy for you. :) What a great accomplishment, you and Jeffrey should be so proud. I will be first in line when the iPad version comes out. I know you both poured your heart and soul into this book, and I am so glad to see it come to fruition. Those reviews are fantastic — and I know it’s going to be a hit.

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