The Winner of the Photo Caption Contest is…

CINDY BROWN for her caption:

“Exhausted from their Washington, D.C. walking tour, the Johnsons collapse onto a bench to rest. Realizing in horror that the black bench is freshly painted, they simply lay down, clasp hands, and hope to suddenly die of simultaneous brain aneurysms rather than suffer the inevitable embarrassment.”

Cindy wins the title of “Most Creative” and a $10 Amazon gift card for her clever entry. Congratulations, Cindy!

To take a peek at the photograph again CLICK HERE. Jeffrey created this image in London when he was working on assignment for Voyageur Magazine. He was shooting a feature story about London’s hip South Bank and found great humor in this photograph because it was polar opposite to what he was trying to capture.

There were many funny caption entries in this contest. Take a glance at the comment box and you’ll see what I mean. Here are three others that were top contenders:

First runner-up–Marcia with her caption:

“I think it looks like a dog!”
“No, it’s a reindeer…see the fluffy white antlers?”
“You’re wrong, totally a dog.”

Second runner-up–Sweetmother with her caption:

“If I have to do this to induce ovulation, then so do you.”

Third runner-up–Harper Faulkner with his caption:

“I think these bike helmets are too heavy.”

Thanks to everyone who participated. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!

14 thoughts on “The Winner of the Photo Caption Contest is…

  1. I called it! Cindy Brown’s was my pick for winning, and I’m so glad she did. Lady, take a bow!

    Becky, I hope you do this again, and maybe next time, I too will think of something creative to submit. Great idea!

    • You did call it. Bravo! Cindy’s caption was ridiculously creative. I’m sure I’ll be having another contest so you’ll have another chance at glory. It’s a fun way to share photographs and stir people’s imaginations. I loved your “progressive story” idea based on a photograph. I may borrow that idea down the road too.

      • Oh gosh, I’m going to tell people you called me “ridiculously creative.” What a nice compliment! I might have to use you to describe my writing style if I ever have a testimonials page or a book dust cover blurb, which I will, eventually.

      • Okay, add it to the pot and I’ll try harder next time although I think some consideration should have been given by the judge since I tied in one of her hobbies to my caption. HF
        PS: Thanks for the “panache” I ate a panache once in Mexico and it was pretty tasty.

  2. Woo hoo! Thank you for allowing me to start my week feeling like a rock star! I will respond in kind by sharing your blog with my Facebook friends when I tell them about my win! You really are my favorite blogger. And I’m not just saying that because I won ;0)

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