Jeffrey Aaronson’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs (Part Two)

See Part One in my 10/11/11 Post

FEBRUARY 1984: After calling the magazine to tell them what has transpired, Jeffrey is on a plane heading to Cupertino, CA. The editor is stunned by the access Jeffrey has been given. Jobs has been notorious for being private and avoiding the media.

Photo of original Apple Computer sign in Cupertino, CAFor Jeffrey, the magazine assignment becomes much less important than capturing an exciting moment in time, knowing Steve Jobs and his family of co-workers, are creating one of the coolest things he has ever seen: a personal computer that’s small enough to sit on a desk, and one that can be used by anyone, not just scientists, business people, or computer geeks. The drawing and painting capabilities alone have him dazzled, not to mention the the word processing.

Jeffrey spends a week at Apple headquarters and photographs like a fly on the wall. One of Jobs’ colleagues questions why Jeffrey is being allowed into proprietary meetings, but Jobs insists. “He’s my friend and you can trust him, so he’s staying. Now let’s move.”

Photo of Steve Jobs at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, 1984

Steve Jobs leading his team in a meeting at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, CA, 1984. ©Jeffrey Aaronson.

Read the rest of this story and enjoy many rarely-seen photographs of Steve Jobs in our ebook, Steve & i, which is now available on Amazon for the Kindle devices, Barnes & Noble for the NOOK and iTunes for iDevices.

Steve and i book cover

32 thoughts on “Jeffrey Aaronson’s Improbable Journey with Steve Jobs (Part Two)

  1. Becky, another beautiful post. And again, told with so much detail for your husband’s life and work… Jeffrey is a lucky man. To have a wife like you to remember, record and recount these stories is a gift.

    You put it together beautifully, and I loved the little details, especially lines like these, “Jobs insists. ‘He’s my friend and you can trust him, so he’s staying. Now let’s move.’” And the powerful story of the jeans and the wine… great details.

    Again, you can feel the love and admiration you have for Jeffrey and his work. It was a pleasure to read.

    • Melissa, you always write the most thoughtful comments. Thank you. Jeffrey and I are both lucky. We’ve always worked well as a team, but also cherish our solo time (and projects). I think that’s one of the reasons we appreciate each other so much. And this tribute to Steve Jobs was truly a privilege to write, trying to capture how this extraordinary person made such an impact on Jeffrey.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful back story on someone who made technology accessible to so many. I’ve always been a Mac person and always will be. I had to chuckle when I saw that the first one was 128K. What a laugh! But I was happy when you reminded us that their first motto was “Think Different.” Something that applies in any field in any decade.

  3. Of all the reminiscences I’ve read about Steve Jobs, this is one of the best. It says a lot about Jeffrey that Jobs took such a liking to him. The photos of Steve in such candid moments are rare (to the public) and priceless. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Awesome post… not only because its in loving memory of my hero Steve Jobs… but the way u presented it. Please post if any more parts available. And also thanks to Jeffrey for such lovely photographs of The real hero Mr. Steve Jobs :)

  5. Absolutely amazing story(s). Just blows my mind that Jeffrey could consider Steve Jobs a friend, not just a “friend” on Facebook. “Wow!”

  6. I often receive comments via email from readers too. I thought I’d post a few of those comments too. Many thanks for your kind words and for your interest in what we we are doing.

    Brian says: “Becky, This is pretty powerful stuff, offers up a bit of reflection on which bus we chose to step aboard.”

    Jane says: “All your posts are good–This one is historical.”

    Anonymous says, “Love todays Blog, thanks for sharing. Of course it was meant to be.
    Tell Jeffrey I’m sorry for the loss of his friend. It makes me teary eyed thinking about it.”

  7. Becky…
    Been meaning to comment sooner…love your blog and the ones about Steve Jobs were heartwrenching and beautiful. Love seeing Jeffrey in his travels.
    Mary Hayes in Aspen

    • Thank you, Mary. I’m so happy you are enjoying my blog. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know you’re following it. As you know, our hearts are still closely attached to Aspen, and always will be!

  8. What a wonderful piece Becky! A poignant reminder of what we have lost with the passing of Steve Jobs…and of course, another great Jeffrey story!

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