Favorite Five Friday: F Words

Happy freakin’ fabulous FRIDAY, everyone! Who doesn’t love that F word? It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a Favorite Five Friday, but as I ease back into blogging after a two-year hiatus, I thought it might be fun to resurrect this light-hearted Friday tradition. Below are a few of my favorite F words. I’d love to hear yours!

Favorite Five Friday F Words

What are your favorite F words? It would be fabulous if you would share!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: F Words

  1. Looks like this Favorite Five Friday was a big Fat Fizzly Flop. Never Fear though, my Feelings are Far From Flattened, Frazzled or Fissured. It’s all Frivolous Fun, and I Fully Feel for you, my Fine Friends. : -)

  2. Friends- Couldn’t get through life without them
    Family-you can’t pick them, unlike friends, but you are lucky in deed when your life is filled with loving family
    Fabulous- it’s just so much “more”. I love the word
    Flair- opposite of plain
    Fart- I grew up with brothers and raised sons. I pretty much think all farts are funny

    • Love all these! Somehow I missed seeing your comment yesterday–I guess I’m just getting back into the swing of blogging! The last F word cracked me up as I grew up with brothers too, and somehow that never gets old. Ha ha. Thanks for throwing your Fabulous F words into the mix!

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