Doodles Dispatch: Secret Guest Post and Giveaway

Labradoodle Blog Post Portrait

Hi there. Doodles, here.

My mom is super busy right now shipping out all the inspirational calendars she created, so while she’s wrapped up in that project, I thought I’d log on to her computer and share my Doodlicious two cents with you. Sneaky, huh?

Before I give you the dish though, I gotta tell you this great joke.

Ready? Okay, here it goes:

Q. What do you get when you cross a Beatle and an Australian dog?
A. Dingo Starr!

Baa haa haa. I crack myself up! Oh man…“This Dog is on Firrre!”

Oh-oh, I better pipe down before it get caught. I just heard my mom—the one they call Becky—walk down the hall. If she finds out I’m on her computer, she’s going to kill me—especially since I plan to share a few family secrets. Shhhhhhh.

First of all, you probably already sense this, but my peeps are nutty. That is Nutty with a capital N! God love ‘em, they’re always in motion, going here, going there, doing this, doing that, jumping into new projects, even when they don’t have time for the old ones. It’s enough to wear a big brown pooch out, I tell you. I try to slip ‘em a Doodle Pill so they’ll chill, but so far, no luck.

Not only are they wonky-doodle nuts, but they’re wonky-doodle dreamers. They’re afraid of sounding sappy or pollyannaish so they try not to carry on too much, but I always hear them talk about the power of being positive, and dreaming big, and trying to make a difference in the world. It’s enough to make you want to put your paws in the air and get all Kumbaya, for dogssakes. You won’t see me doing that though, because if I do, they’ll know I been eavesdropping—something I do all the time when I pretend to be snoozing.

Photo of DoodlesI also feel this family’s “optimismo vibe” in all the projects they do, which are scattered all over this house, I might add. You can’t believe this place. And you can’t believe the art project my dad is working on. That’s the guy they call Jeffrey who has curly hair like me. Yes, we’re cute! But I digress.

He has poured himself into this project for more than two years now, researching, creating, pushing himself to the limit. There are days when I’ve seen him on the brink of madness—all over his art and this place called Tibet, which he loves so much. I think he said it’s somewhere up in the Himalayas and something terrible is happening there. That’s all I can say though, or I’m seriously going to be in the doghouse. Ixnay on the work-in-progress, as they say.

Let me move onto that girl they call Sweet Bug. She’s not really a bug, but she’s definitely sweet. In the year and a half I’ve been part of this family, I’ve watched her grow into a beautiful bundle of “amazing-ness.” Wes, I wuv her—even when she steps on my tail and forgets to feed me.

She’s smart and kind and full of…I going to say energy, but remembered hearing Mom often say, “She’s full of beans.” I don’t exactly know what that means because she hardly ever eats beans, but maybe you do, so I’ll roll with it. Mom also says that about me, so obviously it must be good.

Photo of Sweet Bug DancingI love to watch Sweet Bug dance. She’s always flitting around the house, jete-ing and pirouetting. Sometimes I hold my breath and pray to the doggy gods she doesn’t step on my paw when she lands. It’s happened once or twice, but I always forgive her. Just like she forgives me when I chew on one of her favorite shoes or her special glittery art supplies.

Oh-oh, I think my time is up. Mom is talking to herself, which means she’s really in the zone, which means she’ll be back at her computer soon because that’s where she gets “it” all done.

Quickly, here are a few nutty things about her (besides the fact that she talks to herself a lot)…

She is a bundle of contradictions. Like she’s super organized, but she’s also the master of creative chaos.

She is all about health and fitness, but is known to cartwheel down the sugar path when her wicked sweet tooth kicks in. I’ve even seen her hide a box or two of chocolates or Red Vines in her office (although she can’t hide anything from me because my sniffer works overtime).

She calls herself a domestic goddess, but all I can do is howl out loud over that one. Dear lord, who is she kidding? I told you she’s a dreamer. Seriously, I don’t know how she’d ever get all those dust bunnies if it weren’t for me sweeping them with my tail as I sit, acting cute, doing the happy-tail-wagging-dance.

Even though my family often calls me their “Big Lugnut,” (in a loving, affectionate way), and wonders how smart I am when I ignore all their commands, clearly I have it going on. They’re going to find out just how smart I am when they see I’ve already mastered the art of blogging. “Woof, to you,” I say!

To further prove my exceptional IQ, I’m going to break into my mom’s stash of 2014 Creative Peeps Desk Calendars and give one away FOR FREE. All this optimism floating around here is starting to rub off on me!

All you have to do is bring on the woof! Leave me a comment and either tell me your favorite joke (after all, one of the highest forms of creativity is humor)…or just tell my mom why I shouldn’t be in the doghouse about this blog post. Your name will be entered in a random drawing, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, December 8th.

Good luck, and thanks for listening!
Love and kisses, Doodles

PS:  Oh crap, I was just about to log out, but hit iTunes by mistake! How do you turn this thing off???? “Who let the dogs out, who, who, who, who….roo roo (as Scooby would say)…gotta go…so busted….

14 thoughts on “Doodles Dispatch: Secret Guest Post and Giveaway

  1. Doodles, you are adorable and so smart, too! I hope you can commandeer the computer again, because I love your stories. I have a royal spaniel who would love to meet you should you ever be in San Diego. You two will get along famously! Cheers!

    • It may be a while before I get my paws back on my mom’s computer, but you never know!! It sure was fun. San Diego sounds like fun too–especially if I could pal around with your royal spaniel! I’ve been told I can be a royal pain in the neck on occasion, but usually I’m just royally sweet and loyal. Maybe I should start calling myself a Royal Doodle! Hmmm….yes, I like that!

  2. Hey, Doodles… This is Dixie. I’m a Chihuahua and I live with my Mom and my brother, Mason. He’s my cat. I got to pick him out so he knows that I’m the boss of him. You’ve got to get yourself a cat because whenever you do something bad, you can blame it on him. Like right now. When my mom says, “Hey! Who’s been messing with my computer?” I just look all sweet and innocent and give a little nod toward Mason. LOL! Works every time! Hope we get to meet some day. Maybe you’ll take me for a ride on your back. I only weight 5 pounds. Oops! Gotta go. Here comes Mom.

    • Dixie, you are my kind of friend! I like the way you think. You can ride on my back any time. Maybe you can bring a lasso so we can round up some cats!

  3. So here’s my paltry contribution to the joke wagon:

    Why did the dog chase his own tail?
    Because he was trying to make ends meet.

    And one for the kiddos:
    What’s frozen doggie poop called?
    A poopsicle.

    Ha ha ha, ho ho ho! Happy holidays all!

    • Baa haa haa haa! A poopsicle! Wuv it. Thanks for sharing your great pooch humor. Check back on Sunday to see if you’ve won one of my mom’s calendars!

  4. Dear Doodles — What dog worthy of his breeding doesn’t relish a little mischief making? You had me with ‘Dingo Starr’ and I know a ‘virtual’ treat doesn’t quite cut it, but a dog of your intelligence would have to appreciate the spirit in which I’m sending it. Perhaps one day I’ll have the pleasure of seeing you at play.

    • Dear Deborah – I now know why my mom likes you so much. You’re obviously a “dog person” with a keen sense of the universe. Thanks for the virtual treat! I loved it. Good luck in the drawing!
      xoxo Doodles

  5. Funny, funny, funny!! You are so clever. Now that I’ve become a crazy dog owner (Oh, I love my doggy soooo much!) I can totally relate to this hilarious post!

    Okay, so I got one: Why aren’t dogs good dancers?

    Because they have two left feet! Woof, woof!

    • So glad you enjoyed this. I like this blogging thing, and loved your joke!

      Check back on Sunday to see if I pull your name out the hat!

      xox Doodles

  6. Adorable dog, creative post. Casper, the white monster dog, would love to meet Doodles. Casper is a food junkie with amazing stories way too long to relate here. Good luck with your Tibet project, Jeffrey. I have fond memories of a family I met on the border of Nepal and Tibet many years ago. Hugs and Merry Christmas.

    • It sounds like Casper and I could be good friends! Hugs and Happy Holidays right back at ya!
      xoxo Doodles
      PS: My dad says thanks for the good wishes about his project.

  7. Oh, Doodles, I hope your mom knows how smart you are. You are almost as smart as my kitty Chase Bird. :-) You are such a lucky dog to live with such a wonderful family. Your mom is so kind and generous and creative, and I just know your dad and Sweet Bug are too. They won’t be mad about your blogging. And the giveaway? That is so cool!

    • Thanks, Tina. You are soooo cool to have my back- especially since you’re really a cat person. I like your kitty’s name too–Chase Bird. Sometimes I have fun chasing birds. :-) I’m glad I get to include your name in the drawing on Sunday. Good luck, and thanks for letting me know you appreciate my smarts. Woof!

      xoxo Doodles

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