12 thoughts on “Sunday Sizzle: How to Restore Your Faith in Humanity

    • I’m glad you loved this too. I know you have a strong spirit. I comes through in all your writing–and in our speaking. Loved your interview and your last piece about your grandfather. So brave and powerful!

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Becky. There is so much good in the world, and it’s so easy to forget it when we become consumed by all the bad, upsetting things that happen. And may videos like this and posts like yours inspire us all to be one of those good people doing good things. :-)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this dollop of positivity on a Sunday morning, Tina. This kind of stuff is happening ALL the time, but unless we make a conscious effort to notice it, it gets overshadowed by the drama of all the crappy stuff featured in the news.

  2. I am reminded of the line from Tennessee Williams’ play, Streetcar Named Desire. “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” It was true back then and it’s still true. Sometimes, when you’re in a tough spot and need a helping hand, they’re the ones closest to you and most often at least one will come forward to lend a hand. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing it, Becky.

    • I think human nature makes us instinctually want to help others. I’m guessing fear is what impedes us at times. Whenever I see something like this though, it reminds me there are a bazillion ways to be kind, and not all of them require great courage.

  3. I love your upbeat posts Becky. I try to do the same for animal lovers on my blog, AfricaInside.org because it is so easy to loose hope and think that our efforts aren’t doing anything to help the world. But as my mentor, Jane Goodall always reminds me (and everyone), One person can make a difference. It’s our choice what that difference will be.
    Thanks for the Sunday inspiration. Lori

    • What you do is so important, Lori. I’m glad you are bringing awareness about issues that not only African countries, but all of us. The Ivory Crush on November 14th is a perfect example! Cool bracelets, too!

  4. You’re right. It is hard to remember that there are good people in the world sometimes. I am very grateful to people like you who remind me of these things.

    • It’s easy to get beaten down by the drum of negativity, but it often only takes one little thing to remind us that most people are kind and decent. Thanks for stopping by to say hi, Tracey. Where did you find the time in the midst of NaNoWriMo??? I hope it’s going well for you!

      • I love stopping by your blog, even if I don’t always comment. NaNoWriMo is going well. But week 2 is always the killer, so we’ll see. I have started a brutal schedule. I write at 5am before I get the kids up. Let’s see how long that lasts…

      • I am rooting for you, Tracey! 5 am is the magic hour…especially if caffeine is involved. You own it. Enjoy it! :-)

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