A Bazillion Things that Make Me Happy and Grateful

I wrote this post a year ago, but it makes me happy to share it again, especially knowing I was able to add even more to my list this year. I hope you’ll share your list with me.

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This post started out simply enough; in the spirit of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), I thought I’d share the top ten things that make me happy and grateful. Within a matter of minutes though, my list became enormous, quickly growing from 10 to 110, then, well…you can see what happened.

My peeps, of course, are what pack my heart most with gratitude…as do my dear friends and the fact that I’m healthy and still relatively fit. Most of all though, I’m grateful that I’m still grateful; that life still feels like an outrageous gift that is meant to be celebrated each day. Here are a few more things that make me happy and grateful:

Hand-written letters
My husband’s cooking
Dining al fresco
Laughing until I cry
The view out my window
The way I feel after a long run
The smell of freshly ground coffee
Quiet moments
The feel and smell of a new book
Sand between my toes and hours at the beach
Learning to say, “What the hell, you only live once!” at a very early age
Random acts of kindness
Being surrounded by talented people
Books, books, and more books
Small world moments
Red licorice
Red wine
Paper stores
People who work hard at making a difference
The smell of eucalyptus trees
My daughter’s hugs
Knowing I can always stand on my own two feet
Butterfly kisses
Early mornings
Warm weather
Happy endings
My three brothers
The Beatles
The blogging community
Writers whose words swirl into magic
Finding something I’m passionate about and diving in head first
Reading in bed on a Sunday morning
When the right words come to mind at the right time
Old movies
Long showers
The sound of rain
Sun streaming through my window when I write
Finding a perfect moment in each day
Quotes that inspire me
A fire in the fireplace
Surprise parties
Airplanes that take me on new adventures
Discovering–new places, ideas, cultures, books, music
My daughter’s art
Roasting marshmallows
People with nice manners
When my husband brings me coffee in bed
Long meandering conversations with my BFF
Wrap around porches
Boogie boarding
Learning something new
Real deal lemonade
Eye-crinkling smiles
The smell of Coppertone
Freshly baked bread
Helping somebody
The power of our imaginations
Getting smarter as I get older

Bubble baths
Old houses
Old friends
A bouquet of flowers-especially tulips
People who are working hard to find a cure for cancer
“A food”–almonds, artichokes asparagus and avocados
Watching my husband when he’s in his creative element
Book stores
Fall colors
Designing cards
The internet, and what it offers
Friends who “get me” without any explanation
Birthdays and my favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving
When people do the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do
A good night’s sleep
Time to myself
Time with my family
Iced lattes
Chaise lounges
True love
My laptop
Long summer nights
Backyard parties
Belting out favorite old songs
Dancing in the kitchen with my husband
Hearing my daughter laugh from the belly
Having a fairly big extended family
The number 7
My inner drive
Fresh crisp sheets
A really great work-out
Vanilla milkshakes
Colors-anything but beige
Being outside
Charming accents
CBS Sunday Morning
People who don’t know they’re funny
The way chocolate martinis and jazz go together
Seeing the lightbulb go off in my daughter’s head
Homemade chicken soup
The New York Times
My Ipod shuffle
The bubbles in bubbly
Watching my daughter sleep
People who take a chance on you when it goes against reason
My gut instinct, which has steered me right most of the time
Watching an exquisite ballet performance
People with infectious enthusiasm
Cute old couples
Rose gardens
Photo albums
Dogs that look like mops
Finding something you thought was lost long ago
Living with no regrets
Baby fat
Cookie dough
Cool postage stamps
People coming together to help one another
Taking a leap of faith and having it turn into something fabulous
Being given the opportunity to inspire kids and build their confidence
Memories of my grandparents’ houses
The way my husband’s hand automatically goes up to his heart when he throws his head back in laughter
The cool breeze you feel when you sit next to a rushing river
Figuring something out all on my own
The passion of Pavarotti
The perfect writing pen
The improbable
Amazing Grace

What are you most grateful for (besides your wonderful friends, family and health)?

15 thoughts on “A Bazillion Things that Make Me Happy and Grateful

  1. Becky, your list made me smile, laugh and completely relate! What a nice tradition, and I believe I remember reading it last year as well. :) Nice to know we’ve been efriends for so long! May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season, which I’m absolutely positive you will, as evidenced by these, your words, “life still feels like an outrageous gift that is meant to be celebrated each day.” Beautiful!

    • Happy Thanksgiving to you as well, Julie. I would think that having a new fabulous flat in France might make the top of your list this year. I enjoy reading about your new adventure and seeing pictures of the place you now call home (or at least your “other” home). Congrats to you for setting fear aside and being persistent enough to pull it off!

    • Whenever I’m having a challenging day I refer back to my list. It works like magic and kicks me right out any funk. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Cindy!

  2. Anything I might add would be but a variation of what you’ve covered in this wonderfully extensive list. I suppose, though, that in light of the past few weeks, I would have to say I’m thankful for a home that may have been cold for a few days but is still standing. And I’m thankful for Obama’s reelection.

    • Deborah, I’m thankful that you are safe and still have a home too! And of course, you already know how I feel about our president. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.

  3. Becky I like your list of things those make you happy and grateful.
    If I will think about those things that make me happy and grateful are my blog and my blogging friends (whom I’ve not met yet), my laptop, my country and its rich culture and values those our elders pass on to us naturally, smile on a kid’s face, blessings from old people, love of my cats and many more. :)

    • Great list, Arindam! I especially like, “my country and its rich culture and values those our elders pass on to us naturally.” That is a tremendous gift, and it’s wonderful to see you acknowledge it in such a way.

  4. Grateful for you, my friend! Isn’t it great that the more we recognize the blessings in our lives (large or small) the more they seem to multiply! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Let’s get together for lunch sometime soon….

    • Aww, that is so nice! I couldn’t agree with you more about the power of focusing on what makes each of us so freakin’ lucky. Obviously we all have days we’d like to “redo,” but sometimes when we’re having a hard time being grateful for the big stuff in our lives, just by remembering the little stuff–like red licorice, tulips or baby fat–it helps put things into perspective. Clearly, we have much to be thankful for!

  5. Here’s just a few (besides my husband, cats, my health): books, animals, kind people, music, time for a nap, my husband’s laughter when he finds something very funny, chilly days, snow, caramel, potatoes, colored pencils, my laptop, my blogging friends, writing, soft yarn, cross-stitch thread, people who are passionate about their purpose, photography, inner strength, meditation, God’s grace and people who show God’s grace, ………

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