Favorite Five Friday: Sounds

Most sounds you hear, from the whisper of the wind to the wail of a siren, are simply moving air. When a noise is made it causes the air to vibrate, and these vibrations, also known as sound waves, carry the sound to your ears. I’m curious to know what sounds you like best. Below are a few of my favorites.

Graphic for Favorite Five Friday: Sounds

Take five minutes or less and leave your favorite five in the comment box! I hope these sounds fill your ears today. Happy Friday everyone!

18 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Sounds

    • Nature and laughter seem to be the universal sounds that bring us the most joy. Thanks for sharing your favorite five, Rosemary. It’s always great to see you here!

  1. 1) The neighborhood kids playing outside
    2) Rain on our metal roof
    3) Turning the page of a book
    4) My breath when I’m on a long run
    5) Humming dishwasher (I know, weird, but it makes me feel so…”at home”)

    • These are great, Krista. I have to chuckle about the dishwasher though. At least you didn’t say the hum of of the vacuum cleaner! :-) But, I can appreciate what you’re saying about feeling “at home.” Thanks for adding your five to the conversation! Happy weekend.

  2. 1. hearing “I love you, Mommy.”
    2. heavy rain on the roof of my car
    3. clicks of a train moving on the track
    4. the jingle of my dogs’ collars
    5. the bird calls that come from my orange tree

    • I love how your five immediately conjure up images in my mind. There’s nothing like a sound to trigger our emotions.

    • Life definitely gets busy! I appreciate you taking the time to swing by and say hello. I’ve been by your blog a couple times recently and wrested with leaving a comment, and had to give up. I’m sure it’s just me (and my lack of patience), but I will try again!! I love your blog!

    • Yours are great, Jessica. And I bet you are hearing a lot of laughter from Isa as she tries out surf camp this week! Loved your latest post.

  3. I like this category!

    *the sound of my husband losing himself in laughter
    *cats purring
    *birds in the early morning
    *the ocean waves
    *music that makes me feel relaxed and happy

    • I think we all need to have a relaxing gathering at the beach with music and share some laughs. Not sure your cat would be purring though! :-) Thanks for sharing your favorite five! Have a great weekend.

    • With your five, I’m picturing a group of close friends sitting on the veranda of a beach house laughing and telling stories, soft music on the radio, waves lapping along the shoreline, birds singing in the trees, wind chimes dancing in the gentle breeze. Aaahh. Now that sounds like a perfect Friday to me! Thanks for sharing your five!

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