Favorite Five Friday: Qualities

Last week I made you think hard for Favorite Five Friday. This week it’s easy. Simply take five minutes or less and jot down what qualities you admire most IN OTHERS. Here are my Favorite Five:

Favorite Five Friday Qualities

At least when it’s not honesty, integrity, creativity…or….

Drop your five in the comment box! I’d love to know what you think.

18 thoughts on “Favorite Five Friday: Qualities

    • Great list, Deborah! Patience is a quality I admire tremendously, and often which I had more of. :-) Thanks for dropping you five on us!

  1. Hi Becky, I know you wrote that list about others — but I believe those 5 qualities apply to you as well! :) Here are mine, in no particular order: courage, compassion, curiosity, happiness and humor.

    • Thanks, Melissa. That’s sweet of you to say. I am so glad you brought up courage and curiosity. Courage is a HUGE quality I admire in others. I can’t believe it didn’t pop into my mind when I made my list. And curiosity is indispensable. Put those two things together and you’re bound to change the world. :-) Great stuff.

    • Sarcasm! I love it. It blends well with the other two qualities you like: humor and honesty.

      Gore Vidal said this about sarcasm:

      “Laughing at someone else is an excellent way of learning how to laugh at oneself; and questioning what seem to be the absurd beliefs of another group is a good way of recognizing the potential absurdity of many of one’s own cherished beliefs.”

      Thanks for sharing your Favorite Five!

    • Arindam, your list is lovely. Innocence is not something that would have come to mind immediately for me, but when I think about it, people who keep their innocence (as opposed to becoming jaded) seem to live life more fully and appreciate all it has to offer. Thanks for adding your voice to the conversation today.

    • Seems like you and I think a lot alike, Tracey. Persistence is a great quality too. It’s definitely necessary as writers! Can you send a pinch my way today? :-)

    • You’re right, they are kind of inter-related. Compassion is a powerful word (and quality). It’s an idea that floats through our house all the time, especially in the midst of a variety of projects currently in the works (more on that later). Thanks for joining the conversation today!

    • I had a hard time narrowing it down to five, but the five qualities I mentioned popped into my head first. People who are optimistic always inspire me because that quality colors every other aspect of one’s life. Thanks for dropping by today! Have a great weekend. Loved your latest blog post. Haven’t commented yet but I will!

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