Name That Photographer

Put on your thinking caps, photography fans! I’m starting a fun new quiz. See if you can NAME THAT PHOTOGRAPHER by reading the following five clues:

1) He was a Jewish German-American photographer born in 1898.

2) In 1936 he became one of the four original photographers at LIFE magazine, where he produced 2,500 assignments and 92 covers.

Photo of V-J Day in Times Square, 19453) He was best known for his photograph capturing the celebration of V-J Day in Times Square.

4) He once famously said, “It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”

5) He lived to the age of 96 and photographed President Clinton and his family on Martha’s Vineyard when he was 94 (the last photos of his life).

Bonus clue: He created one of my all-time favorite images ever┬áin Paris called, “Children at Puppet Theatre.” It sits right next to my desk and makes me smile every day.

Write your guess in the comment box, then check back tomorrow morning (March 20th) for the answer.


22 thoughts on “Name That Photographer

    • Monica, thanks for sharing the link to the sculpture in SD. Wow. That is some sculpture! As always, I love seeing your smiling “face” here on my blog. You always add pizzazz and interesting tidbits to the comments.

  1. Silly, everybody knows this was Alfred Eisenstadt. An iconic image of WW2 and a classic street photographer’s grab shot. But as we know from Cartier Bresson and others these are not just grab shots, they are pre-visualized in the photographer’s mind; that’s what makes greatness out of mere accidents.

  2. You should probably say that professional photographers are not eligible for this contest. We would win! And take away the fun for your other readers.

    • You are crowned the winner for being the first person to correctly answer this question! Good job. By the way, I took a look at your blog. It looks like you’ve been to some interesting places around the world. I enjoyed peeking at your pictures. Thanks for stopping by.

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