“Motivation is when your dreams put on work clothes.” –Benjamin Franklin

While I’ve never been accused of being unmotivated, I do find myself so distracted these days, focusing on blogging, tweeting and working on the “business side” of writing, that my dream of finishing my book has taken a backseat.

My mind is starting to think in 140 characters rather than long, delicious prose, and that, my friends is not a good thing. Sooooo…I’ve decided that I’m going to turn up the white noise for the next several days, or maybe even a week, and immerse myself in writing my next chapter.

If I don’t respond to your emails, Tweets or Facebook quips, please don’t take it personally. I’m just putting on my work clothes and chasing after my dream.

Wish me luck…I’m heading on another crazy adventure!

15 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Good on you, Becky! I’m going through a very similar experience (and failing, at the moment, by tooling around through some of my favorite blogs rather than tending to my proposal’s sample chapters…) Wishing you the best in your immersion, and looking forward to hearing you again on the other side!

    • I love this quote too. It says everything. Blogging once a week sounds like a good balance. I’ve heard from many writers who are trying to figure out how to make it all work. I guess we all need to learn the art of juggling as well as writing!

  2. Since we have moved to a new country and established a new photography business, I definitely spend more time with web development, SEOs, backlinks and social media, than I do with making photos. That has to change soon. Good luck with the work.

    • Michael, I can only imagine how many things you are juggling! I won’t say I pine for the good old days because I love all the new possibilities, but it was definitely simpler when it was just film and print media. Life is about chapters though, and this one is just as exciting, only in a much different way.

  3. I hope you you can prioritize things according to your need. And for sure a person like you, can never be accused of being unmotivated; as you are the the source of motivation for so many peoples.
    Best of luck for your future stuffs!!

  4. I can so relate to how you’re feeling. It’s exhausting trying to produce all of the time, isn’t it? I’ll be sending positive thoughts your way! If you need a break from writing, call me and let’s go for coffee!

  5. I love your Franklin quotation. Is that from his autobiography? I don’t remember seeing it there. However, I will borrow it and post in on the bulletin board above my computer desk. Good luck with your work.

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